Bielsa urged Leeds to look only at her own performance

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Leeds United head coach Marcelo Bielsa has urged his players to make excuses for their failure in the 7-0 defeat by Manchester City.

Leeds United face three tough fixtures in a row. After losing to Chelsea 2-3 in a game that conceded a penalty in injury time. followed by a 0-7 defeat at Manchester City and then returning to play at home against Arsenal on Saturday. Bielsa isn’t worry about his opponents facing the Big 6 for the third ufabet game in a row. But the Argentine coach prioritizes the performance of his players above all else.

“They (Arsenal) are one of the most important teams in the league. But now we are worry about returning to our best form. more than the competitors we are going to face,” Bielsa said. “Having full spirit is part of my job. and able to face the most difficult times, breaking loose, fixing things that happened, not thinking of blaming others. 

These are the things we try to do.” “The confidence and strength of the players are linked to what they do on the pitch against Chelsea, we played our best game and against Manchester City our worst. These two versions are completely different works in a span of two or three days.”