Countdown 18 months of ‘Alex Oxlade’

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The 28-year-old’s chances are running out as he has just 18 months left on his contract at Anfield.

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain would know that well

    West Ham’s second goal at the London Stadium on Sunday led Pablo Fornals past Alisson Becker after Jarrod Bowen’s dribble was off. touch Many Liverpool one of which includes Oxlade-Chamberlain with

    Thiago Alcantara is now back on the pitch. That will make the Reds’ middle ground stronger than the present.

    for Oxlade-Chamberlain The opportunity he had to prove himself was wasted. It might sound a little cruel. But he probably won’t get more of it.

    “It made sense to have him start,” Jürgen Klopp said ahead of the defeat to West Ham, which was a decision out of necessity thanks to Curtis Jones, James Milner. Naby Keita and Harvey Elliott have all suffered injuries, while Thiago is recovering from a calf problem.

  But the German Grandmaster was pleased with what he had seen. Oxlade-Chamberlain against Atletico Madrid midweek So he decided for ‘The Ox’ to start in the Premier League. For the first time since the opening week of the season

    Of course, it doesn’t work as Liverpool, who hold a solid unbeaten record, have stumbled for the first time since April, while West Ham continue to impress. By now, the ranking has overtaken the Reds.

    The international break could come at the right time for Klopp, with his squad looking exhausted. Out of ideas in the last two games in the league, conceding 5 goals and missing 5 points.

    For teams that want to win the championship in earnest, in the last 10 days we can use the word not good enough.

    Klopp’s return of some players will certainly help the team, with Jones for the trip to Arsenal on 20 November and possibly Milner. or Keita, any one Or both may fit back.

    Amid the good news for Klopp and the Reds, that could be bad news for him. Oxlade-Chamberlain And would it be too harsh for us to say the time of the 28-year-old at Anfield? is about to expire