Lauro Mayer hope to inform you of your full birth

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Lauro Mayer grew up with a love of football and had the opportunity to join the country’s giants Dinamo Zagreb.

Even the first moment moving to the agency Dinamo Zagreb will not be able to follow his dreams. But on the other side of the city, at the club Lokomotiva Zagreb. Where a young man gradually Growing up in the leather path

With the work that has risen to the eye, Mayer has become a talk in the country a lot, and of course, Dinamo Zagreb will not let this opportunity go and manage to bring the former youth player back to the team. But the status is different from the original

2018 is a season that should be Mayer’s time because in addition to moving back to the number 1 team in the country. There he was also given the number 10 shirt to wear.

Yet, injuries came back to overshadow his fierce footsteps. Causing development to stop, especially ankle ligament injuries that affect the field Plus at that time, Dani Olmo stepped up to take on the role of the team’s commander.

to be obscure by the Spanish shin But with a great performance on the field, many teams keep an eye on Mayer. Because not only the attacking midfielder only the striker is also able to extend his position as a left-midfielder without any embarrassment.

His play is no different from Luka Modric, the legend and senior of the Croatian national team. Which the player does not hide that he always learns and keeps an eye on this Real Madrid star when having the opportunity to train together at the national team camp.