Lindelof denies Solskjaer news in control of the dressing room

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Victor Lindelof, centre-back of Manchester United, debuts to defeat the current team manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in control of the dressing room. That’s sway Ready to insist on the strength of everyone to believe in the legend of the baby face assassin with all their heart.

United’s bad form before the team breaks up . A . But now Seoul Tea Island, chair of Old Tampa, FL Ford steadfastly brings gossip from various analysts. Including the world of social media  

The main topic was the boss, aged 48 years, has not reached the football ego of Chris Gutierrez down Ronaldo , Paul Pogba , Raphael the store , Eric Bryson twenty or Aung grow. Hey , Martial is rebellious. Affects the overall picture on the racetrack until the call for the release of ‘ OGS ‘ soon  

However , Lindelof asked to be in the #SaveOle team to help resolve the news that the Aon Training Complex does not have a lobby to kick the ball to ridicule the team manager .  

” When you play for Manchester United there’s always that stuff in the media – more or less depending on how you perform on the football field, ” Lindelof said in a statement. Before kicking off the FIFA World Cup 2022 for the Swedish national team.

“ Because it’s true, even if we create a good football game. When the match result is not satisfied 2-3 matches, it becomes a big deal. Honestly, behind the scenes the team is working hard to try and fix the bad results. ”

“ We didn’t get both the results we wanted and the form we had hoped for. It’s not the best possibility but that’s the football path that every team has to face. It just needs to train hard. get the results back. ”

After the break for the United national team, the job is a bit light. With the ball changing the head coach less than two months ago, such as Watford.