Miguel Merino is a target for Madrid and Barcelona

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Real Sociedad midfielder Miguel Merino, 25, is a target for both Real Madrid and Barcelona. ​But the player is more keen on a move to Azul Grana.

Real Sociedad’s Spain midfielder Miguel Merino is being target by two giants Real Madrid and Barcelona. ​​With Luis Enrique Martine claiming Barcelona coach H has advise the 25-year-old midfielder to join Azul Grana. Who he considers a better fit, according to El Nazionale on Thursday.

Merino has gradually evolved into one of the best midfielders in the Bulls league. Since joining Real Sociedad in the summer of 2018. He has score one goal and two assists and has help the ‘La Real’ rise to the top of La Liga in the summer. current

Merino’s performances

Merino’s performances have made him a target for Real Madrid. Who are transferring blood in midfield to replace aging players Luka Modric and Toni Kroos, but the 25-year-old midfielder is reportedly Last year is more aspirational to a move to Barcelona as he believe he would be welcome by Xavi Hernandez. Who replaced Ronald Koeman as coach.

When Real Sociedad closed the signing of Mikel, in Bilbao they not only tried to show. That they had not been interest in the Navarrese midfielder. But that There was even someone who underestimated his signing for the San Sebastian team with comments that discredited anyto.

It is what has to talk a lot and think or know little. Of course, if with a market as small as the one that they impose on themselves in Bilbao. They were not able to detect or value Merino’s talent. It is normal that more than one does not want to open up to a larger market. Although, perhaps, what really happened is that Merino did not want to go to Athletic. Yes, the same Mikel who at Real feels “at home” …